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Rural Development  

The villages that surround our farm are an example of abject poverty, hardly noticed by the world. They are mostly inhabited by tribals who have limited access to healthcare, education and employment. With our commitment to organic farming we hope to make an impact not only on sustainable development but also play an active role in uplifting and rehabilitating the surrounding villages. In compliance to fair trade, the workers are given the option of being paid in cash or self-produced nutritious grains. This assures quality food and protects them from unscrupulous traders who cheat them by selling over priced grains that are under-weighed and often even unfit for animal feed.

As there are no health facilities in the area, we organize regular health camps and arrange for treatment of ailments when and where necessary. We recently held a heath camp with Vitamin Angels, a charitable organization based in the U.S.A. At this health camp, basic vitamins were distributed to the tribal children. Nutrition is a serious issue with respect to the local tribal population. As a result of poverty, the villagers in the area eat meager meals; often they are unable to provide their children with a proper diet, and as a result suffer from vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition.

The standard of education is poor and the dropout rate is high. The ratio of girls to boys in the schools is extremely low. A large percentage of the tribal population is unable to even write their names after 5 years of primary education. We are involved with improving the quality of the schools and sponsor the children of our workers by paying school fees and providing clothes and books.

In April of 2008, the “Pt. Kamlapati Tripathi Foundation” was established with the objective of promoting rural healthcare and education. Since inception, this charitable organization has carried forward our vision in an organized and structured manner. In our continuing effort to enhance the quality of life of the impoverished and downtrodden tribal population, we invite you to contribute. You can do so by volunteering your time, recommending doctors who would like to participate in health camps, donating money, or any other way you see fit. We are open to suggestions. The foundation can be contacted through the website.

It is our vision to create a model in social responsibility and sustainable development in the face of climate change.

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