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The Farm
The Farm is currently one of the largest privately owned organic farms in India with over 350 acres under cultivation. It is situated in the rolling hills of southeastern Uttar Pradesh, 108 kilometers from the ancient holy city of Banares. The cultivated area is surrounded by bush jungle and forest and is free from air, water and industrial pollution.

The jungle that surrounds our farm is home to many indigenous trees and plants, most of which have medicinal value. There are ongoing reforestation programs that we have initiated so that this beautiful jungle can be preserved.

We are blessed with a beautiful seasonal river that is fed by underground springs. As this is a drought-affected area, we are also actively engaged in water management and conservation. Many check dams have been built which ultimately form lakes and recharge the aquifer. Maintaining a clean and abundant water supply through conservation, rainwater harvesting and reforestation is the key to successful propagation of all plant life This is our goal.

As our farm was carved out of the jungle some 60 years ago, it is still home to many indigenous trees and medicinal plants. Our system of farming is such that we protect and intercrop with these plants, creating a harmony between what we cultivate and the natural plant life of the area. Interspaced with indigenous plants are orchards of

Mango, Lemon, Guava, Papaya, Jamun (Rose Apple), Bael (Wood Apple), Shareefa (Custard Apple), Amra (Golden Apple) and Aoala (Indian Gooseberry).

For many years only traditional Indian crops were cultivated on our farm. We have kept our own seed bank and continue to grow and preserve these crops. Currently we are growing 8 types of paddy, 6 types of pulses, 5 types of wheat, and many more heritage varieties.

We have also introduced many exotic heritage seeds, such as Native American corn, Kamut (Egyptian wheat), duram wheat and heritage oats.

Our herb and aromatics garden houses plants from around the globe. We have basil varieties from Italy, France, and Thailand, as well as purple basil. We also grow sage, lavender, thyme, rosemary, mint, lemongrass, citronella, palmarosa, vetiver, tulsi, chamomile, and calendula. In addition, we extract a variety of herb and aromatic plant based essential oils on a large scale. Our current production of palmarosa oil exceeds 500 kilos annually. All are certified organic. 

Strict international organic production standards have been adhered to for the past 8 years and we are certified organic by SGS of Switzerland.The aim of the farm is to make it a viable enterprise so that the surrounding villages are also convinced of the benefits in organic farming. 10% of profits have been set aside for uplifting women and children.It is our vision to create a model in social responsibility and sustainable development in the face of climate change.


Our beautiful cows are the lifeline of our farm. We provide them with a nutritious diet of grasses, grains, and khali (seed cake). All their feed is grown on the farm itself. Parts of the farm are left fallow in rotation to provide them with pastures for grazing. A good diet, combined with good care, insures that they are healthy and free of any ailments. We do not give our cows antibiotics or vaccines. Since we are organic, our farm is organic, and our cows are also organic.

Due in large part to their healthy diet and lifestyle, the milk we get from our cows is like no other. Although we do from time to time supply the milk to interested buyers, by in large we consume what we require at home and distribute the rest to our workers. In the evening, after a long days work, the workers receive a nice tall glass of milk, or sometimes a bowl of yogurt or rice pudding. Many of the workers opt to take their one glass of milk home to their children. 

"In addition, by-products of the cows are used in combination with certain plants to formulate natural pest and disease control measures for our crops."

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