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You are what you eat.

There was a time, not so long ago, when everything was organic. Life was simple and people lived without the fear of diseases and ailments that affect much of the population today. Even 50 years ago illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and asthma were rare. Experts agree that modern lifestyle is to blame. This includes the way in which we grow our food. What we eat is directly related to the health of our body. The chemicals used in modern farming techniques (so called ‘conventional’ agriculture) are undoubtedly to blame for many of the illnesses that much of the population suffers from today. Modern agriculture advocates the use of chemical fertilizers that are derived from petroleum bases, pesticides and herbicides that are nerve toxins. The consequences of growing food in this way are unsustainable, and have an extremely adverse effect on the environment as well as the human body.The negative impact of growing and consuming food grown by these means is already apparent, but as the scientists and farmers continue down a path that is directly opposed to nature the full extent of it has yet to be seen.

Organic farming is simply a way of growing food that is in harmony with nature. Soil is the basis for growing any crop, and as a plant grows it draws nutrients from the soil in order to grow and produce fruit. In organic farming these nutrients are returned to the soil by means of green manure, crop rotation, and generous amounts of organic matter such as compost. Farming is done in such a way so that the soil is constantly improved.

As the optimal growing conditions are provided for crops through organic farming, they are rarely affected by pests and diseases. Plants are not prone to diseases if not exposed to harmful chemicals and environmental conditions that negatively impact and weaken their immune systems.Their immune systems are actually strengthened by providing a natural organic diet. It is the same with the human body. As organic food is far more nutritious than food grown with chemicals, those who eat it develop healthy bodies with strong immune systems, and are therefore much less affected by the diseases that much of the population suffers from today. So as the plants are given a natural environment on which to thrive, the human body is given natural food through which it will be healthy.

Organic farming is in harmony with nature. Organic is a way of life. So why not give your family the gift of good health and good conscience and start eating organic food today.

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