the land beneath our feet

Ahana Organic is a pioneer in ‘seed-to-table’ organic farming practices in India. Located in the rolling hills of southeastern Uttar Pradesh, 108 kilometres from the ancient holy city of Varanasi, the farm is surrounded by bush jungle and is free from air, water and industrial pollution.

The forests that surround us are home to indigenous trees and plants, many of which have medicinal value. We have initiated a reforestation program so that this beautiful jungle can be preserved.

We are blessed with a clean seasonal river that is fed by underground springs. As this is a drought-affected area, we are actively engaged in water management and conservation and have built check-dams to form lakes to recharge our underground aquifers.

As our farm was carved out of the jungle some 60 years ago, we protect and intercrop with native plants, creating a harmony between what we cultivate and the natural plant life of the area. Interspaced with untouched bio-diverse zones are orchards of Mango, Lemon, Guava, Papaya, Jamun (Rose Apple), Bael (Wood Apple), Shareefa (Custard Apple), Amra (Golden Apple) and Aoala (Indian Gooseberry).

Our Cows

Our beautiful cows are the lifeline of our farm. We provide them with a nutritious diet of grasses, grains, and khali (seed cake), all of which is grown on our land. Parts of the farm are also left fallow in rotation to provide the cows with pastures for grazing. A good diet, combined with good care, insures that they are healthy and free of any ailments and do not ever require antibiotics or hormones. By-products of the cows are used in combination with certain plants to formulate natural pest and disease control measures for our crops.