What we grow

For many years only traditional Indian crops were cultivated on our farm. Through time, we have created our own seed bank so that we can continue to grow and preserve crops that are slowly disappearing from the Indian landscape. Currently we are growing eight types of paddy, six varieties of pulses, five strains of wheat and multiple heritage varieties of millets and oil seeds.

We have also introduced exotic heritage seeds such as Native American Corn, Kamut (Egyptian wheat), Duram Wheat, Heritage Oats and heirloom vegetables.

Our herb and aromatics garden houses plants from around the globe. We have basil varieties from India, Italy, France and Thailand. We also grow Sage, Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Mint, Lemongrass, Citronella, Palmarosa, Vetiver, Tulsi, Chamomile and Calendula. In addition, we have our own steam distillation unit to extract a variety of herb and aromatic plant based essential oils.

Strict international organic production standards have been adhered to for the past thirteen years and we are certified organic by EcoCert.

Ahana Organic supplies its products directly to consumers, retailers and businesses in India and the EU and offers packaged, bulk and white labelling options.

We love our veggies and grow them in open-air vegetable beds throughout the farm. Depending on the season, we are either chomping on carrots or cucumber, pumpkins or new potatoes and we mix our kale, spinach and arugula into delicious salads. Contract farming services, for specific vegetables, is available as per customer's requirement.


It's a staple food all over the world and during the monsoons our fields turn a lush green with Basmati, Karenhi Red Rice and Indigenous Thakur Bog taking sprout. We are passionate about heritage seed varieties and utilize traditional methods for harvesting and processing our paddy. Do have a taste!


Everyone needs more protein-packed lentils in their diet and we grow multiple varieties including Chickpea, Pigeon Pea, Black-Eyed Peas and Red Lentils. The lentils are harvested in the spring and ready to eat soon after. Inquire for available stock before it's all gone!


Since we are a family that bakes together, we had to make our own flours to experiment with. We take our home-grown grains and pass them through the same stone-grinder that was used by our grand father more than 50 years ago. Do let us know what your preferred mix is and we'll custom make it for you.


We are lucky to have mature fruit orchards that bear fruit every year. From the current 25 acres of horticulture, we plan to increase the tree cover to 300 acres by 2025. So support us in our endeavour to move to a low-carbon agriculture ecosystem and purchase some fruit products from us today.


What's a meal without the flavourings? At Ahana Organic we take pride in growing not only spices for the Indian palette - but also a range of herbs that suit continental dishes. We can powder, dehydrate and also extract essential oils. Come and take a walk in the herb garden and add some spice to your life today.


Our range of highly nutritious super foods includes quinoa, amaranth, chia, pearl millet, sorghum and finger millets - all of which find favour in our family recipes and we look forward to you also discovering the taste and value of these ancient grains.


From sesame to flax to mustard - we've got the seeds and we also use "cold-press" techniques to extract the healthy oils. Their flavour is undeniably delicious and they also happen to be good for your heart. What's holding you back, you should definitely try them today.


We spend hours a day in the farm kitchen pickling, preserving and creating a wide range of ready to eat items. The offerings change from season to season... but what doesn't change is their pure, organic, goodness. Inquire today for our artisanal range of products, which are perfect for gifting... or for stocking in your own pantry.